1885 Charles Emery Asbury

Born: 1885 at Farmersburg, Sullivan County, IN Died: 1951, probably at Puyallup or Tacoma, Washington State. His father was Alexander Perry Asbury. His mother was Almira Beecher. He was commonly known as "Emery". He was the brother of Joseph Lester Asbury. He was married to (name unknown). Among their children are: Margaret Asbury Charles Asbury Fred Asbury Frank Asbury After his wife and infant son died of the 1918 world-wide influenza attack, Joseph Lester Asbury went to live with his brother Emery and his large family on a farm near Puyallup, Washington. Taking in Joe and Pal was a kindness of great consequence by Emery. Emery had been appointed by President Woodrow Wilson and served as the American consul to Wales and likely could have looked forward to a promising career as a diplomat. I believe Emery gave that up in large part to look after Joe and little Joe. - Info from William Fitts Asbury - Genealogy HOME Search Tool