1887 Forrest Myron Livingston

Born: Sep. 26, 1887 at Windsor, Broome County, NY Died: Apr. 1, 1968 at Binghamton, Broome County, NY His father was 1857 Myron James Livingston. His mother was 1866 Caroline Lucretia Burhyte. He was married June 29, 1908 to 1890 Viola Amelia Doolittle. Forrest and Viola had five children together: 1909 Lewis Myron Livingston b. Dec. 2, 1909 1911 Caroline Louisa Livingston b. Nov. 16, 1911 1914 Helen Irene Livingston b. Apr. 10, 1914 1920 Bertha Livingston b. Nov. 14, 1920 1928 David William Livingston b. Jan. 22, 1928 I think The photo at upper right was taken about 1909; if so, Forrest was 22 years old at the time. Information from Robert N. Livingston Jr. and Peggy Brewster Genealogy HOME Search Tool Here is a 1918 Group Photo of the Livingston/Burhyte reunion held that year. Forrest is the tall, dark-haired man in the back row, left of center. That may be his wife Viola on his left; we don't know yet. In this photo below right are all surviving children of Myron and Caroline, except for Austin. This photo was taken in 1950. The man at center of the visible group looks like Forrest, and the man on his left is probably Elwyn; the man at far right, only partly visible, must be either George or Minor. The four women would be Fannie, Bessie, Eva and Edna, but I don't know which is which here. The man in back, barely visible, is not recognizable to me. Investigation continues.