1887 Ralph Stanley Morley

Born: Aug. 19, 1887 at Hancock, Delaware County, NY Died: Dec. 25, 1971 at Johnson City, Broome County, NY His father was Horace H. Morley. His mother was Grace A. Maybee. He was married Dec. 6, 1911 to Lulu May Pulis. Children of Lulu May Pulis and Ralph Stanley Morley are: 1912 - Marian Deloris Euphemia Morley 1914 - Stanley Oscar Morley 1916 - Marjorie Grace Morley 1919 - Ralph Pulis Morley 1923 - Donald Maxwell Morley 1929 - Shirley Charlene Morley Here is a 1993 group photo showing all the Morley children except for Marian, who had passed away by then. Here is a 1927 photo showing Ralph and Lulu and many of their extended family. Here is a 1961 photo showing Ralph and Lulu at a surprise celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. Genealogy HOME Search Tool