1888 Manville Schuyler Sherman

Nee: Schuyler Van Rensselaer Sherman AKA: Manville Schuyler Sherman AKA: Henry Manville Sherman Born: Feb. 21, 1888 at home in Afton, Chenango County, NY Died: Apr. 15, 1952 at the hospital in Walton, NY He is buried at St. Pauls Catholic Cemetery, Hancock, NY, or possibly at Riverview Cemetery, Hancock, NY. Valarie Bigler located a gravesite in Riverview Cemetery marked "Henry M. Sherman", which corresponds to the gravesite shown in this photo, however his wife states he was buried at St. Paul's (see below). His father was 1853 Schuyler Vanunsler Sherman His mother was 1859 Lydia Abiah Olendorf He was born at home on the Sherman Homestead. In 1924, Manville purchased the Sherman Homestead when his father passed away that year. He later sold it to his brother William. He was married to 1899 Bessie Ann Dutcher, on Nov. 3, 1925 at Afton, New York. The Rev. William D. Lathrop performed the ceremony. They had three children: Ruth Esther, born 1926 Manville (John), born 1929 Schuyler (Paul), born 1931 This excerpt from the autobiography of Manville's wife Bessie describes his illness and death (she refers to him as "Daddy"): "In 1952, Daddy became ill. A specialist diagnosed the cause of his illness as gall stones. He underwent surgery in the hospital in Sidney, N.Y. However, no gall stones were found. On Holy Saturday night, Paul and John came home because of Daddy's illness." "I was sitting beside Daddy, praying the rosary and Paul was close by. Daddy was on oxygen and since he was suffering much pain, was sleeping under medication. He passed away quietly in his sleep on Easter Tuesday, 1952." "Then the surgeon came and asked permission to look and see what had caused his death, and that we gave. Later, he came back and said that he had found Daddy's right kidney to be full of cancer. The left kidney, now unable to carry the load, had ceased to function. Daddy's death was due to uremic poisoning. He was buried at St. Paul's Catholic Cementary beside his godmother, Anne Houghtaling. This was fourteen years after his first illness with kidney stones." NOTE: Grandma Bessie commonly referred to Grandpa as "Daddy". His name at birth was 'Schuyler Van Rensselaer Sherman' but this was later changed to 'Manville Schuyler Sherman'. He was baptized Catholic as an adult and at time his name was changed again to 'Henry Manville Sherman'. He was most commonly known to his relatives as Manville Schuyler Sherman. In the photo shown here are Manville and Bessie, probably taken for their wedding in 1925, but that is only a guess. His gravestone is marked with the name 'Henry M. Sherman'. Above the name appears the single word "HUSBAND". In 1924, Manville's father Schuyler died and Manville acquired the Sherman Homestead. In 1931 Manville sold his farm to his brother, William Crandall Sherman, and this is the farm that is today called the "Sherman homestead", and is located on Sherman Hill Road near Afton, NY. Manville and his family, together with his mother, moved to the Dutcher farm in Hancock, NY. Cyrus Dutcher died that year and his daughter Bessie inherited the farm in Hancock. As of the year 2010, Manville's nephew Charles Sherman (son of 1891 William Sherman) still lives on this farm with his wife Marcia. Manville had a club foot, and also suffered poor health later in life. Info is from obituaries and family members. Research by Millie Lockwood. Here is a family photo of Manville and Bessie and their children, John (Manville), Paul (Schuyler) and Ruth Esther. The year is about 1946. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.