1890 Elwyn James Livingston

Born: Jan. 15, 1890 at Windsor, Broome County, NY Died: Aug. 12, 1977 at Oxford, Chenango County, NY His father was 1857 Myron James Livingston. His mother was 1866 Caroline Lucretia Burhyte. He was married Sep. 25, 1946 to Viola Cleveland. They had three children together: 1948 Ralph Myron Livingston b. Mar. 10, 1948 1951 Hazel Mae Livingston b. Dec. 19, 1951 1956 Carl James Livingston b. Oct. 27, 1956 We do not know for certain that the photo above right is actually Elwyn, but there is reason to believe that this is him. I think there is a resemblance to other photos we have showing Elwyn. The year of this photo appears to be in the late 1940's, so this may be his wedding day in 1946, however that is only a guess. Viola Cleveland may have re-married to a man named "Dawley"; there is a death recorded as "Viola Livingston Dawley" on Oct. 26, 1995 and I can find no record of a Viola Livingston except for the wife of Forrest Myron Livingston, Viola Amelia Doolittle, who died in 1978. Given that Elwyn was 56 years of age at the time of his wedding, Viola would have been considerably younger than he, and so it would not be surprising that she may have been widowed, and re-married. March 2018 James Alan Sherman Information from Robert N. Livingston Jr. and Peggy Brewster Genealogy HOME Search Tool Elwyn may be in this photo showing almost all the children of Myron and Lucretia (Burhyte) Livingston.