Lulu May Pulis

Born: Mar. 28, 1891 in Lestershire, Broome County, NY (Johnson City) Died: Oct. 23, 1972 in Johnson City, Broome County, NY She was buried Oct. 25, 1972 in Glenwood Cemetery, Afton, Chenango Co., NY Her father was Oscar Mortimer Pulis. Her mother was Euphemia Walker Faatz. Her family (i.e. father Oscar and mother Euphemia and their children) moved by train to Selby, South Dakota in 1896, and returned in 1903. Her grandparents (James Mortimer Pulis and Jane Brown Pulis) had moved to SD in 1884, with Jane's mother, Mary Babcock Brown. James, Jane and Mary are buried in Selby/Bangor, Walworth County, SD. Family legend has it that Lulu was so afraid of indians that she could not deal with it any longer and suffered some sort of nervous breakdown, so the family moved back to New York state in 1903. The photo at right shows Lulu May Pulis, about 1911 - this /may/ have been a wedding photo. She was married Dec. 6, 1911 to Ralph Stanley Morley. Children of Lulu May Pulis and Ralph Stanley Morley are: 1912 - Marian Deloris Euphemia Morley 1914 - Stanley Oscar Morley 1916 - Marjorie Grace Morley 1919 - Ralph Pulis Morley 1923 - Donald Maxwell Morley 1929 - Shirley Charlene Morley

Here is a 1927 Photo which includes Lulu, Ralph and many members of their extended family. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.