1895 Claude Marvin Dutcher

Born: Feb. 14, 1895 in Tompkins, Delaware County, NY. Died: June 14, 1973 in Asheville, Buncombe County, NC. He is buried at Pisgah View Memorial Park, Candler, Buncombe Co., NC His father was 1864 Cyrus Marvin Dutcher His mother was 1867 Bessie Ann Clemens. He was married Apr. 13, 1917 to 1895 Harriet May Hadley. Harriet died about October 13, 1918 of pneumonia. Claude was a Private in the U.S. Army, and fought in World War I. He was registered in Binghamton on June 5, 1917. He was married Apr. 4, 1922 to 1898 Mildred Anna Stembridge. They had one child together: 1923 Paul Marvin Dutcher. Claude lived for a time in Binghamton, NY. He was a regular attendee of the mission at 128 Washington Street in Binghamton. There is some information about his early life in the autobiography of his sister, Bessie Dutcher. Later he became a railroad engineer with the Southern Railway, and lived in Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina for most of his life. Claude and Mildred lived at 807 Reed Street in Asheville, NC 28803. And these people cared for Claude's wife Mildred in her later years, and may have some information about the family: Roy and Willie Mae Wilson Route __ Box 252C Fletchner, NC 28732 Tel: 704-628-3181 The upper photo was taken in 1917 in Hancock, Delaware Co., NY. Shown are Cyrus Marvin Dutcher and Claude Marvin Dutcher. This would have been just before Claude joined the U.S. Army in 1917. The lower photo was taken in 1972 in Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC Here is an image of Claude's death certificate This is a copy of Claude's military registration. Most information from Mildred Faith Sherman Lockwood (aka Millie Lockwood); some, including the death certificate, from Valarie Jo (Sherman) Bigler. Here you can listen to clip #1 of Claude on Piano - 1970 #1. Here you can listen to clip #2 of Claude on Piano - 1970 #2. Here you can listen to clip #3 of Claude on Piano - 1970 #3. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.