1895.2 Mary Ellen Sherman

Born: Mar. 18, 1895 (place unknown, probably Afton NY) Died: Mar. 26, 1896 (place unknown, probably Afton NY) She is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Bainbridge, NY. Her father was 1853.1 Schuyler Vanunsler Sherman Her mother was 1859.1 Lydia Abiah Olendorf Mary Ellen died from pneumonia at age 1 year. Info is from 'Vital Records Reg. # 286, page 17' of the Town Clerks office, Afton NY. Doctor D.L. Taylor. Her birth was recorded at the Town Clerk's office Reg. # 290 of Afton NY by Dr. E.L. Goodsell. Research by Mildred Sherman Lockwood. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.