1899 Bessie Ann Dutcher

Born: Nov. 16, 1899 in Starlight, Pennsylvania Died: January 1997 in Cameron, Texas Her father was 1864 Cyrus Marvin Dutcher. Her mother was 1867 Bessie Ann Clemens. She was married Nov. 3, 1925 to Manville Schuyler Sherman. at Afton, New York. The Reverend William D. Lathrof [or Lathrop] performed the ceremony. Here is Bessie's autobiography. Here is a photo of Manville and Bessie and their three children, John (Manville), Paul (Schuyler) and Ruth Esther. The year is about 1946 - 1949. Here is an audio recording of Bessie telling jokes. The year is not known for certain but I think it was done in the 1990's, when Bessie would have been in her 90's. The narrator is my aunt, Sister Ruth Esther Sherman. Nov. 2018 James Alan Sherman Genealogy HOME Search Tool.