1899 Gertrude Roberts

Born: 1899 at New York state Died: Unknown at New York state Her father was Edwin R. Roberts. Her mother was Unknown. She was married to Floyd Dutcher. She was the mother of: Homer E. Dutcher and Herbert Dutcher. The photo at top right was taken in 1943. In 1920, Floyd and Gertrude, together with baby Homer, were living with Gertrude's parents, Edwin and Mary Roberts, on East Side River Road in Afton, Chenango County, New York. The household consisted of: 1858 Edwin R. Roberts (Head of Household) 1861 Mary E. Roberts (Wife) 1886 Floyd Dutcher (Son-In-Law) 1899 Gertrude Roberts Dutcher (Daughter) 1919 Homer E. Dutcher (Grandson) 1860 James A. Dutcher (Father of Floyd; Homer's other Grandfather) 1905 Viola Dutcher (relationship unknown at this time) Genealogy HOME Search Tool