1900 Norma Rose Pulis

Born: March 12, 1900 in Bangor (or Aberdeen), South Dakota Died: March 20, 1983 in Oneonta, NY (-or- Sept. 1983?) She is buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Afton, Chenango Co., NY Her father was: 1854 Oscar Mortimer Pulis. Her mother was: 1859 Euphemia Walker Faatz. She was married June 24, 1917 to 1898 Austin Thomas Livingston. They had these children together: 1918 Kenneth Austin Livingston died 1918 (died at birth) 1919 Margaret Caroline Livingston died 1989 1921 Kenneth Austin Livingston died 1970 1923 Betty Jane Livingston died 1923 (lived one week) 1924 Dorothy Euphemia Livingston died 1926 (lived 18 months) 1928 (un-named son) Livingston died 1928 (died at birth) 1929 Irma Dorothy Livingston died 2014 1931 Alta Mae Livingston died 2006 1939 Robert N. Livingston died 2014 Of their nine children, one died in less than two years, another lived less than one week, and two died at birth. Austin came to work on the Pulis farm, owned by Norma's parents, in 1914, at the age of 16, and fell in love with Norma; they were married in 1917, and never left the farm until about 1954, when a series of misfortunes caused them to sell the farm and everything on it, and declare bankruptcy. One family story has it that Norma used to hide under the bed whenever the milk inspector came around...although the why of that is now lost to history. She was also known as a bit of a spendthrift...she loved to shop; and this apparently caused the family some amount of financial trouble in later years. Here is a photo taken about 1947 shows Austin and Norma and four of their surviving children. Kenneth is missing. I believe this was taken on their 30th wedding anniversary. The photo below shows Austin and Norma in the 1970's, standing in front of their home on West Main Street in Sidney, New York. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.