1909 Kenneth Arthur Sherman

Born: Aug. 11, 1909 at Afton, NY. Died: Feb. 1, 1959 (or possibly 1955) at Afton, NY. He is buried at: (unknown). His father was Ralph Ward Sherman His mother was Myrtle Beatrice Merritt He was married to Leona Irene Preston on May 24, 1932 at her parents' home in North Sanford, NY. They had these children together: 1933 Iona Esther Sherman 1935 Katherine B. Sherman 1938 Patricia Ann Sherman 1939 Gloria Lucille Sherman 1941 Mary Louise Sherman 1942 Dolores June Sherman 1944 Sharon Leona Sherman 1950 Velna Jean Sherman Info from Town Clerk's office for Afton, NY; birth registration page 16, # 18. Ken died in a farming accident when a crawler-tractor tipped over on him. It was winter-time, and he was side-hilling when the dozer slid downhill sideways and began to tip over. Ken jumped off on the uphill side, however the dozer then dropped back onto him, probably crushing his pelvis and legs...and continued on its way, unattended. When he failed to show for dinner, his wife Leona went looking for him, and found him lying in the snow. She summoned help, and Ken was loaded into the back of a pickup truck and driven to hospital. He died on the way to hospital. (Details of this story related to me by my cousin, Phil Sherman) - James Alan Sherman - Genealogy HOME Search Tool. Here is a 1946 Group Photo showing Kenneth and all his twelve siblings.