Viola Ann Sherman

Born: Feb. 29, 1916 at East Afton, NY. Died: Feb. 29, 2012 at Oneonta, NY. She passed away on her 96th birthday. She was residing in Bainbridge NY at the time but died at the A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital in Oneonta, NY. She was buried at Greenlawn Cemetery in Bainbridge, NY. Her father was William C. Sherman Her mother was Helen Mae Snedeker She was married July 16, 1938 to Donald Moore Loudon at Bainbridge, NY. They had three children together: Nancy Ann Loudon Barbara Jean Loudon Sharon Marie Loudon The photo at top right shows Viola on her 95th birthday, Feb. 29, 2011. The family photo shown at right was taken in 1970. Viola is at left in the middle row, standing behind her father. The photo shown at left was taken Feb. 29, 1996 on Viola's 80th birthday. She is shown with husband Don Loudon. Here is a transcription of Viola's obituary from the Oneonta Star Daily. Info is from family members, via Millie Lockwood. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.