1918 Joseph Lester Asbury Jr.

Born: May 20, 1918 Died: Mar. 24, 2005 at Honolulu, Hawaii, aged 86 years. Buried: Punch Bowl military cemetery, Honolulu, Hawaii. His father was Joseph Lester Asbury. His mother was Vervian Ona Waite. His nickname was "Pal" and that is what nearly everyone called him. He was also called "Lester" but was not known as Joe or Joseph, in so far as can be determined. He graduated from Richfield, Utah High School in 1936. Pal was married Mar. 16, 1942 to Barbara Ellen Patton, and they stayed married for 60 years until she died in 2002 at Honolulu, Hawaii. The photo at right was taken in 1986. Barbara was born Aug. 29, 1920 and died Feb. 28, 2002. Here is some information about Pal's military career as told by his fellow Air Force officer, J. K. Woodyard. Here is more information about Pal and his long-time best friend, Mel Schulstad, in this memoir. Here is an informal family obituary written by Pal's half-brother, William Fitts Asbury. There is more information about Pal in Bill's autobiography Genealogy HOME Search Tool.