1921 Rose Eliza Smith

Born: Jan. 14, 1921 at Barker/Chenango Forks, Broome County, NY Died: 2014 at Norwich, Chenanco County, NY. Her father was 1881 William A. Smith. Her mother was 1896 Rose Eliza Ryan. She was married July 18, 1943 to 1921 Kenneth Austin Livingston at Cumberland, North Carolina. Ken was in the army at the time. They had three children together: 1944 Kenneth Austin Livingston Jr. 1946 Thomas Patrick Livingston 1955 Barbara Jean Livingston The photo above right shows Rose and Ken in 1942. The photo below right shows Rose, Ken, Ken Jr. and Tom, with Wilford Sherman. The photo below left shows Ken and Rose in 1943 at the Livingston family farm in Afton, NY. Rose had two siblings: George (Wallington) Smith Mary Adeline Smith (married name "Harvey") Rose also has a half-sister: JoAnn Smith (Bartlett) joanncw76ny (at) yahoo.com 315-339-4749 Genealogy HOME Search Tool