1921 F. Herbert Dutcher

Born: 1921 at Nineveh Junction (Afton), Chenango County, NY Died: 1987 or 1988 in Chenango County, NY He is buried at the Nineveh Presbyterian Cemetery, Nineveh, NY. His father was Floyd W. Dutcher. His mother was Gertrude Roberts. He was married to "D. Marion", born 1925. I have no other information about her at this time. They share a gravestone, however as of May 2017, her date of death is left blank. In 1940 he and his brother Homer were living with their uncle William Roberts and aunt Mary Burnett Roberts. William Roberts was born in 1889 and Mary Burnett was born in 1887. They were 50 and 53 respectively in 1940. Also living there was his cousin Rose Roberts, who was later married to Theron VanValkenburg and known as Rose VanValkenburg. Rose was born in 1916 and died in April 2011 at age 95. A family friend and distant relative was Walter R. Rose. On Dec. 12, 1986 Herbert was reported (by Walter Rose) to be in hospital, in critical condition. Walter was requesting information about Herbert's brother Homer from the U.S. Army. Genealogy HOME Search Tool