1923 Clifford Wilson Sherman

Born: Feb. 21, 1923 at Afton, Chenango County, NY. Died: Apr. 26, 1981 at Johnson City, Broome County, NY. He is buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Afton, Chenango County, NY. His father was 1883 Ralph Ward Sherman His mother was 1888 Myrtle Beatrice Merritt He was married to Marian Gladys Shofkam (or possibly "Shofhom") on July 28, 1946 at his parents' home in East Afton, New York. They had three children together; no information about the children is currently available. Info from Town Clerk's office, Afton, NY; births page 103, reg # 6. Info from obituaries and family members. - Research by Mildred Faith Sherman (Millie) Lockwood - Genealogy HOME Search Tool. Here is a 1946 Group Photo showing Clifford and his twelve siblings.