Dorothy Euphemia Livingston

Born: Dec. 2, 1924 at Vallonia Springs, Broome County, NY. Died: May 11, 1926 at Vallonia Springs, Broome County, NY. She is buried at Glenwood Cemetery in Afton, Chenango County, N. She got her middle name from her grandmother, Euphemia Walker Faatz. She only lived about 18 months. Her father was 1898 Austin Thomas Livingston Her mother was 1900 Norma Rose Pulis The story of Dorothy's untimely death was related to me by my aunt 1921 Rose Eliza Smith, who was also Dorothy's aunt. Dorothy was riding in a horse-drawn wagon with her mother when she fell off and was crushed by a wagon wheel. Her father was apparently away at the time. Her mother carried her five miles down Route 41 into the town of Afton, to the doctor's office. Dorothy had died even before they left the farm, but her mother was most likely in shock and denial about the fact, so got her to the doctor the only way she walking and carrying Dorothy. - James Alan Sherman Genealogy HOME Search Tool.