1925 Charles "Gigs" Kenyon

Born: Jan. 2, 1925 at Hickory, NC Died: Mar. 8, 1994 at New York state His father was Floyd Kenyon. His mother was Marguerite Dwyer of Deposit, NY. He was married about 1950 to Alta Mae Livingston. They had three children together: 1951 Keevin Kenyon born Aug. 7, 1951 at Binghamton, NY 1953 Karen Kenyon born Jul. 13, 1953 at Binghamton, NY 1954 Marcia Kenyon born June 12, 1954 at Binghamton, NY They were separated and divorced about 1956 or 1957. Charles was an auto mechanic. He served in World War II as did both of his brothers, George ("Bill") and Floyd Jr. His nickname was "Gigs" (pronounced like musical gigs) and no one alive today knows the origin of this nickname. Genealogy HOME Search Tool