Faith Doris Brown

Born: June 2, 1926 (or 1924) in Hamden, Delaware County, NY Died: still living in 2010. Her father was Melvin James Brown. Her mother was Mildred Doris (Brown). She may have been married to a man named "Conklin" - investigation continues. She was married Jan. 7, 1943 to Morrell Arthur Sherman in Masonville, Delaware County, NY. They had five children: 1943 Mildred Faith Sherman 1944 William Morrell Sherman 1946 Richard Allen Sherman 1952 Dixie Darlene Sherman 1954 Rocky Dale Sherman NOTE: there is conflicting data on her date of birth; it may have been either 1924 or 1926. Investigation continues. NOTE: there is conflicting data on the date of marriage; it was either 1942 or 1943. Investigation continues. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.