1929 Manville Dutcher (John) Sherman

Born: Jan. 19, 1929 in Afton, Broome County, NY Died: 1995 in Tucson, Arizona. His father was 1888 Schuyler Van Rensselaer Sherman His mother was 1899 Bessie Ann Dutcher Manville's name was changed to "John Augustine Sherman" when he was baptized a Catholic. He was known to most people as "Junior" in his early years, as his father Schuyler was mostly known as "Manville", and was known as "John" later in life, particularly after moving out west. The photo at right was taken in 1951 or 1952. He was married in 1950 to 1929 Irma Dorothy Livingston. They had eight children together, and divorced about 1970. Irma has said that they moved 13 times in the first two years of their marriage. Their shortest stay in one location was only two weeks. They lived briefly in various places in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Asheville, North Carolina. In 1958 John and Irma, with five children including a baby, packed all their possessions into a 4 x 8 box trailer, pulled by a 1941 Plymouth, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Here they remained for only about one month, arriving in August, where the entire family found Phoenix to be just too hot. They then moved to Missoula, Montana and remained in the Missoula area until their divorce about 1970. They lived for a few months at the Palm Olive Motel at 835 East Broadway in Missoula, then moved to a rented house owned by a man named "Plummer" in Lolo, Montana (about 10 miles south of Missoula). From there they moved, now with six children, into a 12 x 60 trailer house that they had purchased and located in a trailer park behind the Lolo church. In 1961 they purchased the house located at 1203 Cooper Street in Missoula, where they remained until 1970. John was remarried to Kathy Mitcheson (sp.) about 1970. John and Kathy had one son, Mark Aaron Sherman, last known to be living near Priest River, Idaho. John and Kathy had mostly lived in Oldtown, Idaho, just across the river from Newport, WA. John was a master mechanic; he worked as a heavy equipment mechanic and welder most of his life. In the early and mid 1950's he worked for a John Deere dealership in Binghamton and worked on equipment on farms in the Binghamton area, while living in Great Bend, PA. Later in Montana he worked for "Treasure State Equipment Company" in Missoula Montana, which was a dealer for the International Harvester Company. He often travelled to remote logging camps in the mountains of Western Montana, also to construction sites in the Misoula area, during the time of the construction of the interstate highway system, Interstate I-90 specifically. In the late 1960's he built an airplane from a kit and earned his pilot's license in it. He built and raced a 1954 Mercury stock car at the Missoula race track on Miller Creek road outside Missoula during the 1960's. John died in 1995 of massive complications from cancer. He had been a heavy smoker for most of his life. Info from Register of Births, Afton Town Clerk's office, Afton NY, #3 page 20, for "Manville Dutcher Sherman". Parents listed as (Schuyler) Manville Sherman, age 41 and Bessie Dutcher Sherman, age 29. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.