1929 Irma Dorothy Livingston

Born: Apr. 11, 1929 at Vallonia Springs (Afton), NY. Died: Oct. 31, 2014 in Kennewick, Benton County, WA. She is buried at Pleasant View Cemetery in Ford, WA. Her father was 1898 Austin Thomas Livingston Her mother was 1900 Norma Rose Pulis One family story sent to me by my cousin Charles B. Woodruff has it that his grandmother and my grandmother (Lulu Pulis and Norma Pulis, sisters) were pregnant at the same time in 1928 and that both planned to name their child "Shirley" if it was a girl...Charlie's mother was born first and was named Shirley; and so my mother was named "Irma". The photo at right above was taken in 1949 (?) for her graduation from nursing school in Binghamton, NY. She was married Mar. 4, 1950 to 1929 Manville (John) Sherman, in Hancock, Delaware County, NY. They had eight children together: 1950 James Alan Sherman 1952 Joan Arlene Sherman 1953 Joyce Aileen Sherman 1955 Joe Allen Sherman 1958 John August Sherman 1959 June Alice Sherman 1960 Jerry Austin Sherman 1962 Jesse Arden Sherman They were divorced about 1970 in Missoula, Montana. When she was growing up, Irma's family had owned a dairy farm in Vallonia Springs, just outside Afton, NY. One of their neighbors was the Merritt family, whose farm was located just across state highway 41 from the Livingstons. This is the Livingston family farm which her father Austin bought from his father-in-law, Oscar Mortimer Pulis. Irma was a Registered Nurse and worked as such for most of her life. In the 1980's she worked for two years as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. Irma worked full-time or nearly so for almost her entire life, even while raising eight children. I recall my Uncle Paul telling the story of how she once was driving home from work about 7:00 am (she nearly always worked the night shift), from Missoula to Lolo in Montana, fell asleep at the wheel and ran our 1949 Hudson Hornet off the road and rolled it over in the ditch. Fortunately, she was not injured. In her later years, Irma was living in an assisted living home in Nine Mile Falls, WA, near Spokane, WA. The photo above was taken in 1949 or 1950 at her graduation from nursing school. The photo below left was taken in 1971 in Missoula, Montana. The photo below right was taken about 1948 or 1949 in New York State. I believe the man in this photo is a fellow student at the state hospital, Cliff Isabella, but this has not been confirmed. Here is a transcription of Irma's obituary. Here is Irma's eulogy.

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