1931 Schuyler (Paul) Sherman

Born: Nov. 5, 1931 in Afton, New York. Died: Sep. 30, 1996 in Rogers, Texas. His father was 1888 Schuyler VanRensselaer Sherman His mother was 1899 Bessie Ann Dutcher Schuyler's name was changed to "Paul Leo Sherman" when he was baptized a Catholic. His nickname was "Skyrocket" or "Sky". He was known for most of his life as "Paul". He contracted polio in August 1933 and it was feared he would not live. He spent months in a hospital in Elmira, NY but eventually did beat the polio and came home. Paul entered the U.S. Air Force in 1950 and served eight years. The photo above shows Paul in the U.S. Air Force, about 1950. He was married in 1966 to Glenda Lucia Flota Barbosa in Panales, Mexico. Paul met Glenda when visiting his mother Bessie at the school for girls where Bessie was a missionary and teacher. They had three children: 1968 Patricia Ann Sherman 1971 Victor Lee Sherman 1973 Cecilia Ines Sherman Paul died as a result of injuries sustained when he fell off a drive-in movie screen that he was building in upstate New York, near Albany, in the spring and summer of 1996. Here is a Short Video of Paul working on a drive-in movie screen in 1995, about a year prior to his death. Here is an audio recording of Paul singing religious music; the year is unknown. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.