Wilford Allen Sherman

Born: April 21, 1931 at New Lisbon, NY. His father was William C. Sherman His mother was Helen Mae Snedeker He was married to Francis Natalie Straight on November 24, 1951 at Texas Valley, NY. They had three children: Ronald Harold Sherman born 1952 June 21 Lois Elaine Sherman born 1953 Aug. 11 Stewart Allen Sherman born 1955 June 17 (known as "Corky") In the photo above right, Wilford is shown at left, with his best friend Ken Livingston. Ken is the brother of Irma Livingston, who was married to Wilford's first cousin, Manville (John) Sherman. Wilford and Francis currently (2011) reside at Horseheads, NY. Both are retired. Francis is a registered nurse. Every Wednesday afternoon they both volunteer at the local hospital. As of 2011, I have this contact information for them: 1127 State Route 13 Horseheads, NY 14805 Tel: 607-739-8384 In the family photo shown here, Wilford in 3rd from the left, or middle of the back row. His parents are seated at front. The year is unknown, but appears to be from the late 1960's, possibly as recent as 1970 or 1971. William died in 1972. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.