Alta Mae Livingston

Born: May 13, 1931 at Vallonia Springs (Afton), NY Died: Jul 29, 2006 at Kathleen, Polk County, FL 33849 age 75 yrs. Her father was Austin Thomas Livingston Her mother was Norma Rose Pulis She was married about 1950 to Charles "Gigs" Kenyon. They had three children together: 1951 Keevin Kenyon born Aug. 7, 1951 at Binghamton, NY 1953 Karen Kenyon born Jul. 13, 1953 at Binghamton, NY 1954 Marcia Kenyon born June 12, 1954 at Binghamton, NY They separated and divorced about 1956 or 1957. Alta remarried to Raymond Shedd, about 1958, and lived in Florida until her death in 2006. Alta and Ray had four children: Duane Shedd lives in Norwich, NY Melody Shedd lives in Florida Dale Shedd lives in Florida Lavonne Shedd lives in Florida The photo above shows the Livingston family about 1947, perhaps on the occasion of Austin and Norma's 30th wedding anniversary; Alta is at left in the back row. The photo also shows her sisters, Margaret and Irma, and her brother, Robert. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.