1939 Robert Nelson Livingston

Born: June 7, 1939 at Vallonia Springs (Afton), New York Died: about 2015 at Madison, NY His father was Austin Thomas Livingston. His mother was Norma Rose Pulis. He was married a total of three times: ..Sarah Delessio (married about 1956) ..Joy Warner ..Dixie Robert and Sarah had these children together: 1957 Robert Nelson Livingston Jr. 1959 Kelly Livingston 1961 Cheryl Livingston Robert and Joy had these children together: 1963 Scott Livingston In the late 1960's Bob had a pig farm in or near Castle Creek, NY, not far from Binghamton. The family lived there a few years, then about 1970, moved to a larger farm just a few miles southeast of Bainbridge, NY. I believe this was on "Back River Road", address 1079 County Road 39. Interstate Highway 88 cut through this farm when it was built, cutting off access to several acres. It ran about 800 or 900 feet from the new barn. For a time in the 1980's Robert was living on Route 369 in Page Brook, a part of Greene Township in Chenango County, NY. As of 2011 he was living near Madison, NY. Mailing address: P.O. Box 255 Madison, NY 13402 Tel: 315-893-7252 Here is a photo taken about 1950; Bobby would have been 11 years old. Bobby is shown with his soon-to-be-uncle, Manville (John) Sherman. Genealogy HOME Search Tool. Here is a Livingston family photo from 1947.