Mildred Faith Sherman

Born: Oct. 19, 1943 at Deposit, Delaware County, NY. Died: still living in 2011. Her father was Morrell Arthur Sherman. Her mother was Faith Doris Brown. She was married Sep. 29, 1962 to Douglas Arthur Lockwood at the Baptist Church in Afton, NY. They had three children together: Lance Lockwood born Apr 15, 1964 in Sidney, NY 4:25 AM married Dec. 16, 1989 to Kimberly Knapp Kirk Douglas Lockwood born Jul 9, 1965 in Sidney, NY 2:36 AM married Jul. 29, 1989 to Lisa Reynolds Christine Marie Lockwood born Jul 4, 1967 7:20 PM married Aug. 29, 1987 to Joel Garth Fletcher ..Chelsey Lynn Fletcher born May 24, 1988 Mildred (Millie) has been a home economist, clerk, and a teacher's aide. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.