Joe Allen Sherman

Born: Apr. 16, 1955 at Binghamton, Broome County, NY Died: still living in 2011. His father was Manville (John Augustine) Sherman. His mother was Irma Dorothy Livingston. He was married about 1973 to Terri Lynn Holley. They had one child together: Valarie Jo Sherman (later Valarie Jo Mulkey). He was married to a woman named "Wanda" when serving in the Air Force in Wichita Falls, Texas. Wanda was an attorney. He was married to Cathy Louise Collins in Seattle, Washington. Cathy was born on March 9, 1965 in Tacoma, Washington. They had three children together: 1991 Brian Michael Collins born Apr. 2, 1991 in Everett, WA 1994 Matthew Thomas Collins born Apr. 6, 1994 in Seattle, WA 1996 Michael John Paul Collins born Sep. 5, 1996 in Tacoma, WA Joe Attended elementary school in Lolo, MT and Lowell Grade School in Missoula, MT. He attended high school at Loyola High School in Missoula, MT. Joe was in the U.S. Air Force and is a medical technicial in the Air Force Reserve. As of 2011 he is living in Gig Harbor, WA with his wife Cathy Collins and their sons Brian Collins, Matthews Collins and Michael John Paul Collins. Genealogy HOME Search Tool.