Barbara Jean Livingston

Born: June 1, 1955 in New York State Died: still living in 2011. Her father was Kenneth Austin Livingston. Her mother was Rose Eliza Smith. The photo below was taken in 1959, it shows Barbara Jean and her father Ken, at 184 Johnson Circle, Sidney, New York. She was married to Dean Mirabito of Schenectady, New York. They had three children together: 1976 Ornette Matthew Mirabito born Sep. 24, 1976 1979 Cheyenne Mirabito born Feb. 23, 1979 1980 Bechet Mirabito born Nov. 27, 1980 She was later re-married to Henry (Hank) Edwards. Hank had one son from a previous marriage, Henry Edwards Jr. Genealogy HOME Search Tool