1957 Robert N. Livingston Jr.

Born: June 3, 1957 at Johnson City, Broome County, NY Died: still living in 2011. His father was Robert N. Livingston. His mother was Sarah Delessio. He was married about 1976 to Mildred Salliotte in Oklahoma. He was married June 20, 1981 to Marie Allen in New Milford, PA. He was married to Peggy ______. The photo above of Bob was taken in 1964. The photo below of Bob and Peggy was taken in England in 2009. He is married to Peggy and as of 2011 is living in Middleton, NH. Email (Bob): PiperBob@roadrunner.com Email (Peggy): BrewStout@roadrunner.com Genealogy HOME Search Tool.