Aliases and Corrections

These are some of the aliases used in the database. In each case I chose what seemed to me the most likely correct spelling of the name and listed that on the left, followed by all apparent aliases or other spellings that I have seen. In all the files on this site I substituted the name known or believed to be the correct one for any believed to be incorrect, so that you would not have to search for all possible spellings of the name of a person or place. Just in case I missed any, you may want to search also for these alternate spellings in the database. Also please let me know if you discover any errors; you can email me at ''. James Alan Sherman June 16, 2017 Probable names: Aliases or alternate spellings: ============== ================================ Emiline Emeline, Emily Alanson Elanson, Elauson Zillah Zilliah, Zilla Elizabeth Bessie (N.B. either one may be correct) Augustine August Charlotte Charolotte, Charolette Jedediah Jedidiah Crandall Crandell Irma Erma Anne Annie, Anna Forrest Forest Frances Francis (N.B. either one may be correct) Evelyn Evaline Family names: ============ Burghdorf Burgdorf Snedeker Snedecker Axtell Axtel, Axtelle Pulis Originally "Pulisveld" in Dutch Pulisveld In English would sound like "Pulisfelt" Place names: =========== Johnson City, NY previously named: Lestershire Cannonsville, NY previously named: Dickinson City Whitinsville, MA Whittingsville, MA N.B.: Whitinsville is part of Northbridge, MA Vallonia Springs Valonia Springs, Volonia Springs Plainville Plainsville NOTE: There is both a Plainville and a Plainfield in Connecticut.