CUNY Sherman Family Information
Welcome to the unofficial website for "CUNY" Sherman information - i.e. the "Central Upstate New York Shermans". This site includes anything and everything that I know or have been told about anyone who is or was a Sherman, and anyone and everyone who was ever married to, descended from or begat a CUNY Sherman, and even some of their relatives. The list of related names is long, but a few of the more common are: Sherman, Livingston, Pulis, Dutcher, Kenyon, Woodruff, Morley, Clemens, Faatz, Burhyte, Terry, Axtell, Briggs and Tallman. The easiest way to find someone is this SEARCH TOOL The majority of people, especially from years past, lived in the area of Broome, Chenango and Delaware counties in New York State. Before that, we seem to have migrated west from Massachusetts and Connecticut. Even earlier, from Holland, Scotland and England. Most of this data came from Mildred Faith Sherman Lockwood, known to all and sundry these days as Millie Lockwood; some of that by way of Art Cohan and Ruth Saxby; also Valarie Sherman Bigler and from our cousins, Katherine Kokko, Peggy Brewster, and Charlie Woodruff. Here is the listing of persons about whom something is known. Here is a list of ALIASES or corrections. For each, there is a link to a page that provides more details and in some cases, photos. If you click on a link and get a "page not found" error, that means that I created the link but have not yet gotten to the page itself (don't worry, it will happen in due time). For those about whom we do not know the birthdate, nor even the year of birth, I made up a dummy serial number to use for cataloging. In some cases very little is known about the person, unfortunately. Feel free to send me anything you want to add, I will do my best to get it posted here. When time permits I will create a form so that people can enter inputs directly via the website. In the meantime, please direct information and corrections to our webmaster: "The Turtle", aka James Alan Sherman Art Cohan managed a website called Shermans Of Yaxley that is loaded with lots of information (over 100,000 entries) about Shermans - check it out! Thanks to Millie (Sherman) Lockwood for doing tons of research and for making sense of much arcane information and for tying it all together in a coherent way. Millie personally walked many of the cemeteries listed on this site, recording names and dates. Thanks to DataPro International Inc. for hosting this site, which is powered by Patrick Volkerding's Slackware Linux. And finally, - here is a link to a poem by Patrick Phillips which best describes my feelings about everything that is behind this website, and the reasons for its existence: HEAVEN. In my view, this is the greatest poem ever written and I can't thank Patrick Phillips enough for it! Turtle Genealogy HOME Index to Personal Pages SEARCH Shermans in 1860 Census - New York Shermans in 1870 Census - New York Shermans in 1880 Census - New York Shermans in 1880 Census - Ohio